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Warren Buffett

David retired from the Internal Revenue Service after 30+ years, going on to work with a local tax law firm helping people with IRS problems. But, don’t let that scare you. Ask him about it when you talk with David.

David spent four years on active duty during the Vietnam War, stationed at various naval bases, working as a Hospital Corpsman. The last two years were with the electronic warfare squadron, VAQ-133, stationed at Whidbey Island, Washington, and living in Oak Harbor, as well as making a Mediterranean cruise on the aircraft carrier USS America. Having fond memories of Whidbey Island, David named the company for Oak Harbor. After graduating summa cum laude from California State University, Dominguez Hills, he worked for various Federal agencies before starting a long-term career with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

David began his career at the IRS as a Revenue Officer in Seattle, responsible for collecting delinquent tax by visiting taxpayers at their business or home. His many promotions took him to Austin, Texas, where he spent time at the District Office and Service Center. At one point David managed over 100 revenue officers and support personnel from Waco to the Mexican border, a territory larger than many states in the Northeast part of the United States. 

David has witnessed middle-class Americans without adequate savings or retirement plans, struggling to make it on Social Security alone. With Oak Harbor Home Notes, he hopes to help middle class Americans move towards a safe and secure retirement.

David is committed to honesty, integrity and service. Twelve years of Catholic schooling instilled the moral obligation to be honest and truthful with both people and himself. Having been burned by unscrupulous individuals in the real estate industry, and hearing horror stories from other investors, full disclosure and transparency on any real estate transaction is primary. While always recognizing risk, simply put, if the transaction is not beneficial to either the investor or David, the transaction is simply not done.

Healthy relationships, whether personal or work, are the foundation of our mental and emotional well being. Responsiveness to the customer is a vital component of any work relationship. David is committed to actively maintaining such relationships through consistent communication, asking questions and offering practical suggestions.

David enjoys traveling with his wife, Lorraine, and spending time with their grandchildren. Photography and Notre Dame Fighting Irish football are two of his passions.