Real Estate Notes

A Great Compliment
to Your Portfolio

Let Your Money Work Harder for You

“Never depend on single income, make investments to create a second source.” -Warren Buffett

Real Estate Notes:

A Great Compliment to Your Portfolio

Let Your Money Work Harder for You


Let’s Go On A Journey and Learn About Real Estate Notes

Oak Harbor Home Notes, LLC, a veteran-owned boutique real estate note investment company, acquires both performing and non-performing notes secured by real estate all across the United States. 

Our goal is to help individuals and couples move towards financial freedom with real estate notes as an integral part of their investment portfolio. While notes are not a substitute for replacing stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, or savings accounts, they are  complementary to such investments, providing a monthly stream of income.

Oak Harbor Home Notes are collateralized by real estate, and all borrowers have a consistent payment history. Rather than receiving quarterly dividends from a stock or bond, investors collect monthly payments. Instead of your stock or bond value fluctuating daily, you receive the same consistent payment.

Why work with Oak Harbor Home Notes? We’re a boutique investment firm, giving us the luxury of devoting our personal attention fully to our clients. We value transparency, happily answer any questions and address any of your concerns. Finally, before you invest with us, we teach you about note investing, as well as ensuring all due diligence is performed on every note offered and shared before you make any investment.

Do you want a more predictable income? Then consider real estate notes.

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Why Real Estate Notes?

The average seasoned American relies heavily on Social Security (SS)  after finding they are short of their retirement and financial goals, In fact SS benefits represent more than 90% of the total income for almost 25% of married couples, and over 40%  of single recipients. More people will be working into their 70’s than ever before because their retirement fell short of their needs. In the face of these sad facts, many people find real estate notes supplement their savings, certificates of deposit, dividends and social security benefits, thereby providing a more secure retirement.

Low Stock Market Correlation

Real estate notes are generally unaffected by a volatile stock market. Risks – yes, there are some – however, no investment is ever 100% risk-free. Stock market investors’ most obvious risk is the very real possibility of an economic downturn over which an investor has no control. With virtually no warning, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell a historical 777.68 points in the  market crash of 2008. Another risk is the chance that either the investment company handling their money or the company whose stock they own, are poorly managed, possibly reducing the value of the stock. Finally, in the majority of stock market investments, one’s money is in the hands of an unseen money manager, over which an investor has  no influence. Your return on investment is determined on how good or bad they are investing your money. Conversely, performing notes pay a consistent monthly income. They are secured by a concrete asset – real estate – that you can visit and touch. Performing notes add considerably to a portfolio’s diversification

Our Values

We stand committed to:

Service – we strive to help middle-income Americans strengthen their desire to reach their investment goals, by being attentive to their requests and needs.

Transparency – we communicate all aspects of the note and the purchasing process, encouraging questions to ensure our clients fully understand the nature of their investment. 

Integrity – we are committed to doing what is best for our clients. We have no hidden agendas, and do not tolerate dishonesty. We believe in doing what is right even when no one is looking.  We tell our clients when we believe an investment may not be suitable for them.

Respect – we respect you, your time and your opinions.